Are you looking for the best phone for gaming? You are in the right place, here is a list with best phones for gaming.

The best gaming phone of the moment

ASUS ROG PHONE 2 – the best gaming phone of the moment.This is the best gaming phone of the moment, from all points of view. And for good reason, in Asia at least, gaming on the phone is as popular as on consoles. ASUS has therefore used its experience in gaming hardware and software on the PC, and on the mobile segment, to produce a beast from all points of view. And good mobile games are only just beginning to appear.


ASUS put everything it found in ROG PHONE 2.In short, the most powerful processor, Snapdragon 855 Plus, 12 GB RAM, 512 GB storage, a 6000 mAh battery and a 120 Hz OLED display. My first impression is that it is big and hard. Yes, it is a thing that deceives me, but here the reasons are better. I explain now, let’s start with the screen. Flat, for a minimum of reflections, that is what the gamers asked for. 6.59 inches, larger than S10 +, as large as OP7 Pro, same OLED technology but faster at the 120Hz it works. It comes set to 60Hz to save battery power, but for gaming 120 is perfect.
The resolution is only 2340 × 1080 pixels, just to get a good understanding of the games. The more pixels you have, the more processing power you need. Bonus, Gorilla Glass 6 for protection.

It’s hard, 240 grams is not around. However, the processor needs cooling, and the best material for this is copper. Massive radiators inside, with passive vaporization cooling make it the fastest phone so far. In addition, it is one of the only ones that is not limited by temperature, that is, it does not slow down when heated. Because he doesn’t warm up. The term is Thermal Throttling if you’re curious. The 12GB LPDRR4X RAM and the 512GB UFS 3.0 storage make a good team, and you really don’t need a microSD card anymore. No matter how many games you install on it.


Fast connectivity was a necessity. We have 4G LTE, probably 5G on some variants, but also the fastest WiFi, WiFi 6, which can download with over 1 GBps. It also supports Wireless Standard with this minimum delay, but that’s more for video. At games it uses the phone’s screen but with a special dock, as in ROG PHONE 1, it can fill the TV without delay.

That’s why the connectors have something special. There are two USB-C ports on this phone. One of type 2.0 for loading and another of type 3.1, for loading but also for transferring data, images or for existing accessories and docking stations.


Let’s quickly move on to cameras that are not so important to a gaming phone. It has the same main cameras as the Zenfone 6, a 48 +13 megapixel camera, and on the front we have a 24 Megapixel camera. You will use it more often than you think, because from its software, you can stream directly to the front camera and the content of the screen, currently on YouTube and Twitch. What was more important. The position of the camera has been studied for a long time. But about vlogging … Sample


The sound is excellent, as it should be for gamers but also for video enthusiasts. Almost all gaming phones have stereo speakers, and none are missing here. Two in number, with support for DTS: X Ultra. Now, I don’t even know what these specifications mean for some speakers like the fingernail, it certainly sounds better than most phones. And loud. But hey, it has a headphone jack, and that gets weird.


The software is well developed. Android 9, with the latest updates and a mode called Game Genie, especially for games. From here you can limit in-game notifications, set the screen recording, manage the streaming part on YouTube or Twitch, 60-90 or 120Hz screen, as well as game overclocking settings.

Those Air-Triggers deserve the most attention. They are the fastest on the market, no less than 20 ms response time, well below S10 + or any other gaming phone on the market. They also demonstrated this in the presentation, with a ROG Phone 2 you will be the first to shoot at enemies. Also, the screen that responds faster to touch, say engineers. I know a Cavalry specialist who is just waiting to test this.


The battery is applauding, 6000 mAh because it needs it. In a game with high performance requirements you will exhaust it in less than 5 hours. It has Quick Charge 4.0, in two hours you bring it back to the upper limit. On any of the USB-C ports, whether or not connected to the docking station. Ah, it has no wireless charging, and not because it would load too slowly, but because the bright logo on the back was more important. Down the hat for belief and boldness. However, you will not charge it too much wirelessly, you want to play it when it is plugged in.


The accessories are enough again, too many to list them all. Four types of cooling cases with or without active cooling, josticks (they told JoyCons during the presentation) sign that they want to compete directly with Nintendo Switch, but also cables and network outlets, Display-Port and HDMI. As we saw in the first version of ASUS ROG PHONE. The housings at least, some of them also have a battery inside, so you can play 8-10 hours continuously, like that TwinDock, an engineering gem. Attention, only for professionals! 🙂


As for the swag chapter … Yes, it comes with the same special suitcase with all the accessories, if you keep your pocket, even with an interesting bag in which some of the accessories, charger, phone and joysticks fit. Price? We do not know, but if ASUS follows the rules so far, the phone will start somewhere at 1000$, without accessories. Does it worth? Well if mobile gaming is so popular in Asia, it certainly is.


Is it better than OnePlus 7 PRO? Yes. Than Samsung Galaxy S10 +. For sure gaming yes, not to photos or videos but I do not know how it will stand in front of Note 10. However, its competitors are not them but Red Magic, Xiaomi and Huawei that prepare competing models at lower prices.

And yet, at first glance, the phone’s construction, performance, huge number of compatible accessories attention, just with it, dictates a new step in this industry.

The future is RGB and full of monsters and enemies that you can destroy wherever you are.

One of the best gaming Phone

The OnePlus 7 Pro

One Plus 7 Pro

It’s been over a month since I took the OnePlus 7 Pro. The time has come for the important discussion, which has managed to deliver on those promises and how many of them violated them. I installed on it all the applications I had and the old phone. Absolutely everything, the house, the bank, and even the Tesla app. It is more convenient for me to keep a single phone with me, now that you can use two SIMs almost all.

What I like about OnePlus 7 Pro

At first glance, extremely fast, fluid, high performance. The 12 GB RAM makes its presence felt especially when the applications are not so well optimized and eat a lot of memory. Storage is low and is one of the fastest. Probably the fastest on a phone at the moment. At 512 GB you have to be very disorganized so that your memory does not reach. That is, you are constantly shooting in 4K and not deleting anything.

From a signal and talk point of view, again, no problem, it does excellent on all the continents we have taken. Now I’m coming back from Taiwan, and there I used it with two SIMs simultaneously. No problem. I particularly love the 90Hz display. Superb. The way all the icons, menus move, everything is faster and of course more fluid, more natural. A big white ball for this look.

What I don't like about the OnePlus 7 Pro

The fact that it is big, thick and hard. It goes beyond those limits that I set myself and I don’t think I have a choice. There are other slimmer, lighter and faster phones.

There were a few software issues, some ghosting on the edges of the screen. It looks like it was from the NFC, and the latest software update has completely resolved them. As well as the camera, much more stable, faster and with a very good sensitivity even in the dark. I can’t say it’s the best, it’s not. But it’s there in the top 10 cameras and videos. There are some almost useless functions like night mode. It doesn’t do much to a standard photo, which is why I didn’t use it.

The biggest impediment to this phone? The battery! It’s like an iPhone. Yes, it loads very quickly, but I can’t stand the socket with the massive charger provided. There is still work in power management and I think, I hope that this problem will be solved in part.

One Plus 7 Pro
OnePlus 7 Pro


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